Josh Shocked by Paul’s Puppet Show on Big Brother

"I thought that I just saw the devil or something," said Josh.
By Alejandra Moedano
  • Big Brother 19 is getting close to the end. With only five houseguests left — Alex, Christmas, Josh, Kevin, and Paul — emotions are running high.

    Following the double eviction that sent both Jason and Raven packing, the house was left speechless. Jason didn’t even bother to give his ride-or-die, Alex, a hug goodbye and Josh… well, Josh was an emotional mess.

    Sunday night’s episode caught up with the houseguests during the double eviction aftermath, and I, for one, was extremely surprised to see that PAUL was particularly emotional. America knew that Paul and Josh had a plan in play to fight with one another post-voting, but crying? Was crying supposed to be part of the plan as well?

    Nope. Paul approached Josh and Alex in tears, but the second Alex left… Paul turned that frown upside down!

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  • Paul, buddy. I was okay with you all season, but you just got real creepy, real fast. If there was any other evidence Josh needed to prove Paul is not to be trusted, this was it folks! Here’s what Josh had to say about Paul’s “emotional” episode:

    This kid goes from crying, where I’m thinking that he’s emotional, to instantly smiling. He’s happy that the plan worked exactly how he wanted it to work… I thought that I just saw the devil or something.

    You see, Josh has been on to Paul’s game for at least 2-3 weeks now. Though he has a final three deal with Paul and Christmas, Paul’s actions are not sitting right with him — no matter what the trio does, Josh and Christmas are BOUND to get blood on their hands, while Paul is left squeaky clean.

    Do you think it’s too late for Josh to blow-up Paul’s game? Someone has to do it! I’m getting tired of watching “Big Paul,” instead of “Big Brother.”

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