PewDiePie Apologizes for Saying N-Word

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  • Last week PewDiePie, the YouTube handle of popular vlogger Felix Kjellberg, blurted out the n-word very casually while playing video games on his livestream. Since then, he has been bombarded with much deserved criticism, with indie gaming publishers getting his videos with their content in it taken down. PewDiePie went to his YouTube channel to apologize, and this apology seemed seemed to take more ownership of his actions than the last one he made for his anti-semitic behavior.

    In the video he says that when he hears others gamers using words like this (hmm, let’s hope this won’t be deflection), he hates that part of the culture and hates that he fed into it. PewDiePie goes on to say there is no excuse for what he did and he has to improve for both himself and his fans. He better! For his last bout of racism, so many YouTubers ended up getting hurt. Now let’s see PewDiePie will actually change his behavior or if we’ll be covering PewDiePie’s latest racist statement in a few months.

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