By Alex Firer
The future is here and it is very expensive.
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  • Apple held its annual press conference today where it announces all of its exciting products, and while we heard rumors they would be unveiling the iPhone 8, which they certainly did, but more excitingly, they also unveiled the iPhone X. The X is a reference to the fact that it is the ten year anniversary of the iPhone, so let’s take a look at the features involved in this exciting new iPhone.

    Well, there is the wireless charging we all heard about (making casual charging at places such as Starbucks and airports a super easy thing), but much much more importantly — the iPhone X released facial recognition technology, and with it, facial recognition emojis. The facial recognition technology is meant to make the phone’s security — which these days seems to contain the entirety of your bank account and whatnot. Most importantly however it gives us— TERRIFIED ANIMATED EMOJIS— also known— animojis!

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  • Oh hells yeah, let that iPhone animate your face and send your screaming poop emoji self to the masses. The new iPhone X costs a grand which is insane, but hey — what can we do? We are but a slave to the trends. If you want to send a screaming poop emoji to your friends you unfortunately have to spend about one month’s of rent. But when all your friends are extremely annoyed at you— you’ll know it’ll be worth it.

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