This Claymation Japanese Game Boy Commercial Is BEAUTIFUL

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  • In the early days of YouTube, nostalgia hunts were a beautiful endeavor taken by dork and non dork alike. Early Japanese Nintendo commercials were a particularly special find, and one has been dug up that has been making waves on the internet — a gorgeous early 90’s claymation ad for Nintendo’s then brand new Game Boy Game “Super Mario Land 2: The Six Golden Coins”.

    The ad takes us through a variety of locations and sights in the game Super Mario Land 2, as we see the beautiful clay fixtures melt and morph. They turn into the tree from the forest level, the moon from Mario’s beautiful space level and even the gigantic robot mecha Mario level. The commercial ends with the reveal of the claymation of gaming’s greatest stinky farting character Wario. It’s very very cool, and it’s no wonder why this ad has been spreading all over the internet.

    Of course, it’s nothing compared to the legendary American rapping Zelda ad. Bless.

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