Bill Skarsgård Reveals the Origins of His “IT” Pennywise Performance

Have you seen "It" yet?
By Alex Firer
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  • If you were one of the lucky many who got to see “It” this weekend, then you saw the birth of a new classic movie monster up there with Freddy Kreuger or Chuckie or Jason — you guys got to see Bill Skarsgård’s amazing performance as “Pennywise the Clown”. While Tim Curry’s performance in the 1990 adaptation is definitely one for the history books, Skarsgård’s is creepy creepy creepy — a large toothy terrifying smile with tiny rabbit like teeth and two eyes that seem to be constantly staring off into nothingness. The popularity of the performance seems like it has taken Skarsgård by surprise — but he has not shied away from openly discussing the performance, as this clip from Conan shows where Skarsgård reveals the origins of his terrifically creepy Pennywise smile.

    As Skarsgård reveals to Conan — it was largely inspired by his brothers ability to jut out his lip — and a character he did to scare his younger brother when they were kids, pulling his t-shirt over his head and doing the terrifying haunted clown face we all know and love.

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