Twitter User Did Not Know Poster Paint Wasn’t For Faces, Covers Face in Poster Paint

By Alex Firer

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  • Look man, we all make mistakes. Sometimes the mistakes come in the form of not knowing how paint works super well, but if that’s the form one of our myriad mistakes take, so be it. Such was the plight of user @LeleTill who put poster paint on her face after reading on the label that it “washes easily off skin”. However, as you can see on the photos above, it did not wash very easily out of her skin at all! Not one bit! She put the pink paint on her skin and after she washed it off she was— still pink!? Uh oh! Someone didn’t know how poster paint works! Oh no! Although, to her credit, yeah it’s a confusing label. Ugh! Come on!

    What do you think though? Would you ever put a bunch of bright pink poster paint all over your face? I hope you wouldn’t! Anyway, tell us what you think either in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.