So What’s Going on With Jim Carrey?

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  • Jim Carrey is enjoying a bit of a revival in recent months. After producing the premium cable show “I’m Dying Up Here” for Showtime, he was caught on the red carpet and when asked for an interview gave a half nihilistic half hyper existential answer that kept the internet all aglow. Let’s check it out. Let’s watch him weird em all out!

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  • And now it seems like Jim Carrey is leaning more into his existential self a lot more with his reteaming up with the director of one of his most meaningful features — the Charlie Kaufman written “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”, directed by Michel Gondry. Gondry got out of Jim Carrey one of his most subtle and beautiful performances, and he’s sure to do the same out of the role of Mr. Pickles, the depressed kids show host (a perfect role for Jim Carrey who seems to be a depressed version of the guy who once climbed out of a rhino’s butt in Ace Ventura when I was a kid). The show is titled Kidding, and I can’t wait. And that’s not to forget his incredible art output to boot.

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