Weekly WTF — Selfie Nails, Jim Carrey Philosopher, and MORE

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By Alex Firer

  • Folks, it’s another week another delightful rounds of weekly WTF’s. First up— the social media super challenge of Don’t Judge A Book By It’s Cover, where folks on YouTube set up their video thumbnail to resemble some kind of shocking action — like shaving their eyebrows or stapling their hair, but guess what dummies, they’re not doing that at all not one bit. Don’t judge a book by its cover, dummies. Oh, you make me so sick! Ooo!

    The next story on our exciting WTF playlist? Selfie nails my friend, selfie nails! Nails with your face on them!? Hatchi makatchi! What a thrill! What a delight! And the new iPhone X has a face recognition feature — so odd. Will it steal your identity? Will it creep you out? Do you even have a grand? And Jim Carrey’s eccentricities have delighted the internet quite a bit this month, quite a bit. And more!

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