Donald Glover Makes History as First Black Person to Win For Directing Television

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  • Atlanta is an incredible, strange and brilliant show, and deservedly it made history last night with two major Emmy wins —one for Donald Glover for best actor in a comedy, and historically, one for Donald Glover for Outstanding Directing in a comedy making him as the first black person to win in this category in Emmy’s history. Additionally, he is the first director to also win for directing a show he stars in since Alan Alda won for directing MASH in 1977.

    Donald Glover has quietly and quickly become one of our leading creative renaissance men — maybe one of the most prolific and successful in entertainment history. He’s a writer, actor, director whose talents are respected as that great at a ridiculously young age, but what’s amazing is you talk to a room of people and everyone will know him for a different talent. For me he will always be Troy, the best part of Community, for others he will be Childish Gambino, the creator of historical and incredible music including the immediate classic Redbone from Awaken my Love. One younger intern at the offices didn’t even know Childish Gambino’s real name was Donald Glover. We have no idea what he’s going to do next, but I’m sure it will continue to subtly make history.

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