Toys R Us Files for Bankruptcy

Oh man. This is no game.
By Alex Firer

  • The end of an era is coming towards us as whispers are starting to head towards us that Toys’r’us could be filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy as soon as TODAY. The gigantic toy retail giant that has been a staple of the toy buying world since it first opened its doors in 1957, and today, as the result of great debt accrued due to a buyout about a decade ago, it is forced to file for Chapter 11 and has retained a claims agent who specializes in such decisions.

    This doesn’t mean the end of your favorite toy retail chain though! Don’t worry! Do ya hear me!? Don’t worry! They just have a little bit of work to do, you know? They gotta restructure, you understand? It’s going to be receiving funding while they restructure — but none of this is good. Not if you’re a six year old who loves running through a toy store looking at a ton of toys in particular! None of this is good! None of this, I say, none of it!

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