Powerpuff Girls Reveals FOURTH Powerpuff Girl – BLISS

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  • The Powerpuff Girls cartoon recently revealed an exciting new character a— FOURTH POWERPUFF!? A Powerpuff Girl named Bliss in the upcoming special The Power of Four. The Powerpuff Girl is also notable for being a vibrant black character on a show that, while absolutely brilliant, has had a mostly white cast for a while. But what’s her story? Bliss, what is your story! Well, Cartoon Network is keeping mostly mum — to find out her story you have to watch that hour long special (pretty long considering the average Powerpuff Girls episode is about 11 minutes — she merges with the villain Him, I saw it, it’s cool) — but also then again, Cartoon Network provided a preview clip of Professor Utonium explaining how he created this girl in order to compete with a scientist and accidentally added— CHEMICAL W.

  • Source: twitter.com / Via: twitter.com

  • Boy. Makes a guy wanna turn on a cartoon and get into the involved mythology of the various Powerpuff Girls and their abilities and friends. This also isn’t the first time the Powerpuff Girls had a sister, although the last one was a little creepier… Remember— BUNNY!? The super messed up Powerpuff who ended up sacrificing her life oops spoiler alert oh well whatever.

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