Beyonce Lemonade Vinyl Accidentally Gets PUNK Songs Printed Into It

Queen Bey! Oh no!
By Alejandra Moedano
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  • Beyonce can do anything — except plan for the pathetic human error of us human scum! Tisk tisk! Sometimes it’s pretty bad ass though. For example, here — when Beyonce’s Lemonade— her fantastic and gloriously popular and deeply personal album — got accidentally printed by the songs of Ottowa based punk band Zex. And I gotta say — it’s pretty good punk! Is it amazing for a little known punk band to just crash the album of the 21st century’s most popular pop artist? Absolutely! Would it fit into Beyonce’s carefully created artistic image to have a bunch of punk band goons crash it? It certainly isn’t completely inapporpriate. It’s kind of badass and fitting.

    Everyone wins. Except if you wanted a good clean copy of a Beyonce album. In which case you don’t win at all. Sorry, friend. You’ll listen to Beyonce yet. Who could have done it. Unless— Becky with the good hair!?!?! You’ve struck again!

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