The Craziest Celebrity Death Conspiracy Theories of All Time

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  • In the age of the internet, a celebrity death hoax happens almost every other day, but some rumors and conspiracy theories never seem to die.

    Yes, celebrities of all kinds fall victim to the occasional “death hoax.” Celebrities such as Nicolas Cage, Jeff Goldblum, Betty White, and even Will Smith have all been reported dead as part of some kind of hoax.

    If you think that celebrity death hoaxes are a new thing, it happened in the 1960’s to Paul McCartney. Known as the “Paul is Dead” hoax, this urban legend began in 1969, suggesting that Paul McCartney had died three years ago in 1966 as was replaced with a look-alike.

    How did a rumor like this start?

    A rumor had circulated for years that Paul was in a fatal car crash, though he was working on the Beatles’ album Abbey Road. Russ Gibb, a DJ from WKNR in Detroit got a late-night call on the air where the listener explained that if you played The White Album backwards, there were hidden messages.

    What kind of hidden messages?

    If you listen to John Lennon’s “Revolution #9” in reverse, it seems to say “turn me on, dead man.” Also, if you play John Lennon’s mumbling at the end of “I’m So Tired” it sounds like “Paul is a dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him.”

    The rumors were very pervasive. One of America’s most popular radio DJs devoted an hour of his morning show to the “evidence” that Paul McCartney was dead.

    This is when the Beatles issued a press release saying Paul was still alive. The next week, Paul was on the cover of Life Magazine, with the headline “Paul is Still With Us.”

    A big part of the Paul Is Dead conspiracy was that he was replaced by a look-alike.

    Now, online conspiracy theorists think they’ve discovered that the same thing happened to Avril Lavigne.

    According to the rumor, the real Avril Lavigne hung herself in 2003 and was replaced by a look-alike named Melissa Vandella. The conspiracy says that Avril died after completing her second album, and rather than announce her death, the record company replaced her.

    I mean, that totally makes sense, if you have no idea what the police are for.

    As proof of the switch, conspiracy theorist point to Avril’s change of style from punk to pop. They also compare blurry old photographs of Avril, claiming her birthmarks don’t match.

    As for the woman in Avril’s shoes, there is no evidence that a look-alike named Melissa Vandella actually ever existed.

    Some people believe the same thing happened to Miley Cyrus. According to some online sources, the reason for Miley Cyrus’s sudden change in persona happened because she was killed and replaced by a look-alike in 2010.

    I mean, if the look alike is going to have a completely different persona, why bother replacing them? 

    Even Beyonce is rumored to be replaced… by a clone.

    Comparing photos from before and after the year 2000, some conspiracy theorists think that Beyonce was replaced with a clone of herself that is a “high degree masonry witch” I think she means Mason witch, and not masonry witch.

    You see, Beyonce, along with her husband Jay-Z have long been rumored to be members of elite secret societies such at the Illuminati and the Masons. I just love that even conspiracy theorists know that Beyonce is only replaceable with another Beyonce.

    Then there are celebrities that people refuse to believe are actually dead. One star who people are expecting to return from the dead is Tupac Shakur. After Tupac’s tragic death in 1996, fans thought they were spotting clues in his tracks that Tupac faked his death. 

    Theorists claim that Tupac took his nickname from famed Italian writer Machiavelli, who famously wrote about faking one’s death to fool your enemies. This photo of Tupac and Suge Knight sitting in the car Tupac died in has raised some suspicions because it is dated September 8th, the day after Tupac was shot. 

    Some people think he might have been kidnapped or recruited by the CIA.

    It’s always the CIA!

    So many people have asked the CIA if they know where Tupac is, that they had to tweet: “No, we don’t know where Tupac is.”

    One comedian was so well-known for pulling hoaxes, that everyone was sure his death was a hoax too.

    Andy Kaufman was known for his oddball comedy that often involved pranking the unsuspecting public. Kaufman’s life story was brought to life by Jim Carrey in the movie “Man on the Moon.” Kaufman and his comedy partner Bob Zmuda would take turns portraying Tony Clifton, a character the pair had made up. Kaufman also started a fake feud with wrestler Jerry “The King” Lawler that culminated in a staged attack on Late Night with David Letterman. In 1984, at the age of 35, Kaufman died from lung cancer, and a lot of people said, “Yeah, right!”

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