Mad Internet Inventor Creates HOT TUB CAR

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  • We’ve heard of a Hot Tub Time Machine but a Hot Tub Car Machine!? It’s true! YouTuber Colinfurze — known for his wild inventions — has hit it out of the park with yet another odd one. A hot tub car — a car you can fill up with water and watch it bubble around like a hot tub. Awesome, bad ass and absolutely comfortable looking! Yes yes yes yes yes! First it’s just a mobile bathtub, but when you turn on the bubblers (provided by leaf blowers) — oh my God. It’s incredible!

    Colin claims he made it for a Google ad — and folks, it is insane if this is all for an ad. The idea is that he will create the car out of things that advertise on Google. The car even has a grill at the back of it, perfect for grilling burgers during your incredibly luxurious bubbly get away. Colin even made a video about the making of his sweet Hot Tub car, and you can watch it below. We love it.

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