The WORST Tinder Profiles EVER

By Allie Dietz
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  • Swiping through Tinder, it’s undeniable there are many cringe-worthy profiles that leave you confused and, sometimes, intrigued. Shira sat down with sex and relationship expert Shan Boodram to talk about all the don’ts when it comes to Tinder profiles. Through the examination of the WORST profiles, the two broke down what makes them so bad. From group pictures, to overly-sexual profiles, it became clear why Tinder gets it’s bad rep. In order to avoid ending up at a “worst” in one of these videos follow this advice: If you’re going to post a group pic, be the hottest one in it… also make sure people know which one you are, this is vital. Maybe don’t over-sexualize your profile… or do, if that’s what you want, I respect it. If you’re not the hottest, be the tallest. If you’re posting a picture in your kitchen, make sure it looks put together… We (tinder users) analyze EVERYTHING to make sure that swipe to the right is well worth it.

    Last but not least, what you put on your profile is going to sell you, so put out there what you want to catch. There is no right or wrong. Have you guys seen any really bad Tinder profiles? Let us know in the comments or at @whatstrending on Twitter!