Jimmy Kimmel’s Latest Mean Tweets are SAVAGE

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  • Kimmel — when he isn’t defending our country’s healthcare, he’s doing the second most important undertaking of his storied entertainment career — making celebrities read extremely mean things about themselves that people wrote on Twitter. Whether it’s John Lithgow being told his face probably looks like his ball sack or Emma Watson being told that she seems like she would be insufferable and no one would tell her, no celebrity is safe from the cruelty of basically anonymous goofs on Twitter saying dumb things to famous people.

    No celebrities are safe! A comedy legend gets told his head is too small due to lack of exercise! Mad Men star Elizabeth Moss is told someone’s grandma thinks she’s ugly! Jennifer Aniston is compared to a bag of flower! Foolish celebrities! You think your mega fame could protect you from the mean Tweets!? Nay, I declare, nay!

    And Bob Odenkirk being submitted to “ugly whites”!? Jennifer Lawrence giving unenthusiastic hand-jobs!? Of course Trump’s Tweet is in there too — a Tweet to Alec Baldwin. He’s a butthole! Of course he’s in mean Tweets! What do you think though? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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