Jon Cozart Streamys Opening ROASTS Every YouTube Star!

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  • Boy, that’s one way to begin an awards show I guess, an absolutely savage onslaught on politeness, decency, and it’s all set to a pretty good tune to boot! Jon Cozart’s incredible and hilarious opening song roasting everyone sitting at the awards to the awards themselves. With his winning smile and charming energy, Jon Cozart jumped into his song sparing no one — pointing out Shay Carl texting, Cameron Dallas being a cutie and then jumped in saying the Streamies are a show with a bad budget and no reason to exist. BOOM. Then he called it the fourth Jonas Brother of awards shows. POW! OH! YOU’RE KILLING ‘EM JON!

    He then jumped into a series of great topics — pointing out the unlikeliness of the fact that so many of these YouTube stars seem to have their own book deals that sell very very well, saying “don’t you read!? Totally fine, neither do they!” Pow! Bam! oof! He then called Connor Franta’s butthole stylish and pink, implied Casey Neistat was a massive sell out to CNN, and then ended with reminding us all about Shane Dawson’s blackface work. Yiiiiikes. Then, he calls the Streamies the “Phantom Menace” of awards shows and promptly leaves. But we loved it! Good work Jon Cozart, good work!

    What did you think of the opening song of the Streamys? Was it too harsh? Perfectly honest? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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