Apparently Jared Kushner Registered to Vote as a Woman

By Alex Firer
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  • Today in the “Oh boy, what next” department — the number one department for all Trump related dogtrash — apparently Jared Kushner has registered to vote in the last election as a woman. A lady~. What this means is hard to parse thus far. In an administration whose weird crooked acts numbered in the — oh so very very many — is this a crooked act made from a scheming individual who was directly implicated in Donald Trump Jr’s e-mails that were leaked about his incredibly obvious collusion wih Russia? Or is this the bumbling acts of a man who the president set up to do a series of ridiculous jobs — including bringing peace to Israel and Palestine — who can’t even check off the right gender on a very important form when his father in law is running for president? And which one is better? I don’t know.

    As the president said after he lost the first healthcare repeal, “Just another day in paradise”.

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