SKUNK IN TROUBLE ALERT: He Got Stuck in a McFlurry Cup and a Cop Saved Him

The skunks are at it again, yes they are!
By Alex Firer
  • Wily skunks. They’re at it again, yes they are! After a particularly wily skunk got his little tiny head stuck in a McFlurry cup, it ran its cute little body around in a panic — no one daring to pick the cup off the skunk’s little cute but probably stinky body. The cute little critter ran around until one officer — Motorcycle Officer David McKinnon of the York Maine Police — came over and heroically removed the cup off the little guy’s face. The skunk fled into the distance and all of our hearts melted. Look at this cute little bad boy! He’s such a cute little bad boy!

    But remember. Skunks eating fast food can be dangerous. Not only can they get stuck in the cup, but the skunks can get super fat and they will have fast food farts and them fast food farts will mix with their natural skunky smell. Beware!

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