Finally, the aliens will know what a vagina looks like.
By Alex Firer
  • No one can accuse Nick Kroll’s Netflix show Big Mouth of shirking its promotional duties. As the originator of the #PuberMe meme campaign going around Twitter to raise money for Puerto Rico, the show has not shied away from grand daring gestures — but this one takes the proverbial cake. Imagine — a crop circle in the shape of the feminine sexual reproduction system — ovaries and all — put into a crop circle to advertise “Big Mouth”.

    Actors and writer Nick Kroll and Jessi Klein take a bus down to the crop circle, wax philosophical about the fear of the vagina, and then gaze into the incredible multi colored beauty of the crop circle vagina before them. They walk through it — NOT UNLIKE SPERM ON THE WAY TO LIFE — and I hope that any alien life forms know this — us humans do not fuck around when promoting our streaming service premium animated adult sitcoms.

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