Did DaVinci Draw This NUDE MONA LISA!?

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  • Look, normally when nudes leak we shake our heads in disgust. But today we shake our heads in — intellectual curiosity? You see, the sketch, which was at one point in the collection of one of DaVinci’s student MAY just be a sketch of the Mona Lisa drawn by that legendary 16th century Renaissance Man, Leonardo DaVinci. Have you heard of the Mona Lisa? One of the most famous paintings in history? Of course you have. Well, have you heard of the NUDE Mona Lisa? Now you have!

    What are the clues that DaVinci did indeed draw this? Well, let’s check out some of the reasonings laid out by museum curator Mathieu Deldicque —

    “For the moment we know that the paper on which this (sketch) is drawn was dated from the time of Leonardo da Vinci … that is to say the beginning of the 16th century. We know that this paper comes from Italy, between Venice and Florence, so it is similar..The position of the arms is very important because it is literally (like) the position of the arms of the Louvre painting”.

    So hey. If you’ve ever wanted to know what the Mona Lisa’s boobs looked like. Congratulations.

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