Head Of USAFA Prep Tells Racists “Get Out!” In Amazing Speech to Cadets

"You should be outraged".
By Alex Firer

  • After an incident involved racist graffiti at the US Air Force Academy, Lieutenant General Jay Silveria made a fiery speech to the cadets that’s going viral.

  • Earlier this week, racist graffiti shocked the students and staff of the Air Force Academy’s Preparatory School in Colorado. An unknown person wrote a hateful message on the dormitory message boards of five African American cadets at the USAFA Prep.

    The incident caused outrage amongst the Academy.

    A parent of one of the cadets posted on Facebook “Someone left this disgusting message on my son’s door at the Airforce Academy in Colorado! I’m angry that people are teaching their children such hate. These young people are supposed to bond and protect each other and the country. Who would my son have to watch out for? The enemy or the enemy? I know this is hard to see but it’s the reality my family and the country is dealing with. We cannot tolerate such hatred! Keep your head up son!”

    Lt. Gen. Silveria, the academy’s new superintendent, gathered the cadets to address this incident head on. Silveria spoke out, saying that racism has no place in the United States Air Force, and his 5-minute speech is very powerful, and worth watching. 

    Silveria tells the cadets to combat bad ideas, you need better ideas, saying “One of those ideas: the Dean brought people together to discuss Charlottesville, because what we should have is a civil discourse and talk about these issues.” Silveria ends his speech with a powerful defense of diversity.

    The power that we come from all walks of life, that we come from all parts of this country, that we come from all races, that we come from all backgrounds, gender, all make up, all upbringing. The power of that diversity comes together and makes us that much more powerful.

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