This Twitter Feed Shows Off Japan’s SUPER WEIRD Mascots!

It's called "Mondo Mascots" and some of the things it shows off are WEIRD.
By Alex Firer
  • Japan is overrun with maybe the silliest and most fun thing you can be overrun by — silly oversized mascots! As outlined in this article, Japan often creates mascots — or yurui-kyara for every organization — even local cities and national holidays, and often created by amateurs and government organizations. Take for example Kumamon, who represents the Kumamoto Prefacture region in Japan.

  • But how do we keep track of all of these incredible mascots? Well, one Twitter feed and website has you covered! The incredible @MondoMascots, or for something more in depth. There are some odd ones here. There are aliens who drink booze and eat locusts (that would be E Chan — mascot of a television station), there’s a panda meant to enjoy the delicacies of Hokkaido (that’s the ever charming Tagopan) and there’s even the mascot of the now defunct Japanese Democratic Party (oh, Minshu-Kun, you poor soul). Check them out below! There’s even a stray mascot, fired by the mayor who sells shirts about how the mayor hates him! He’s a dog with a very trendy blue haircut!

    In any case, here are some of my favorites!

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