Post Emmy Alec Baldwin Returns to SNL as Donald Trump

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  • There are a lot of unbelievable Donald Trump impersonators, but few of them are as celebrated as Alec Baldwin as Donald Trump — as the actor returns having won the highest honor one can in the field of pretending to be Donald Trump on television — an Emmy. Now Alec Bladwin is back — returning to SNL in a moment of triumph for the show, but not so much for our political landscape. Ugh, couldn’t Trump be gone by now?

    Well, he’s not, and SNL is back, and hey, it’s all of Trump’s recent awful actions spread in the broad absurdity of the comedy show! Oh my gosh, is that Melissa Villasenor as the mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico asking Trump for help. We have Aidy Bryant as Sarah Huckabee Sanders trying to coach Trump on how to approach all this difficulty. Overall, it’s a lot of difficult subject matter deftly and quickly handled by the venerable sketch comedy show.

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