Trump Lobs Supplies Like Basketball, Is Embarrassment During Puerto Rico Visit

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  • Through untold national tragedies, and a humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico, please do not let it be known that Donald Trump cannot turn off being a weird loud national embarrassment. This proved itself again to be true in Puerto Rico where Trump should have been a helper, a healer, a force for good in a chaotic world, and instead continued to be a loud obnoxious and awful casino owner. After feuding with the mayor of San Juan — sometimes straight up lying about the help he was giving (which he wasn’t) and claiming the democrats got to the mayor and that’s why she was lying (what?), Trump visited Puerto Rico and the results were… well. Exactly what you would have expected from the guy from the Hollywood Access bus.

    For example, there was this statement on the death count in Puerto Rico — which is rising and has not been fully counted — and compared to Katrina’s death count which Trump somehow managed to overstate despite its already ridiculous height.

    “Every death is a horror, but if you look at a real catastrophe like Katrina, and you look at the tremendous hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of people that died, and you look at what happened here and what is your death count? Sixteen people, versus in the thousands. You can be very proud. Sixteen versus literally thousands of people.”

    Classy. Very classy. Trump went on to complain about how much money was being spent on Puerto Rican relief — you know — the rescue of other human beings. He complained that they quote — “threw the budget out of whack”. This was coming from the guy who bankrupt the secret service in less than a year because of all of his golf trips. So you know. “Cool”.

    Trump then proceeded to chuck paper towels and supplies as if they were basketballs, and shared a tense handshake with the mayor of San Juan who — when the mayor said this is beyond politics, and then told the people of Puerto Rico to have a good time.

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  • Somewhere in a non satirical universe, the President is just opening up car dealerships and frankly I think even he is a lot happier.

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