Blade Runner 2049 Interview Is DELIGHTFUL and INSANE

Wanna see the stars of Blade Runner 2049 laugh it up (fuzzball)? Well, here you go.
By Alex Firer
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  • Imagining Harrison Ford laughing is a tough gambit. Normally the grim action star is known for his grumpy old man scowls, whether it’s on the Millennium Falcon, the tombs of the world of Indiana Jones or the streets of Blade Runner, we know the star best for his unbelievably grumpy face. However, this is not the case here! Look at Harrison Ford laugh and laugh and laugh, along with co star Ryan Gosling as they are interviewed in an infectious British press junket with Alison Hammond on This Morning, a British morning talk show.

    The duo drinks, discusses how Harrison Ford could not be in the movie La La Land as the duo tries to harmonize, and generally discusses their love of paychecks, the bleakness of it all, and their love of the drinks in their hands. It’s delightful, go give it a watch!

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