AIM – AOL Instant Messenger – Puts Up Its Eternal Away Message

The once inescapable messaging service is set to disappear on December 5th.
By Alex Firer

  • If you are of a certain — incredibly specific — age you have nothing but fond feelings for Aol Instant Messenger — aka, AIM. It was a preclude to widespread texting, messaging and its Away Messages were a direct influence on Twitter who decided to make the art of them its own website. Now, Aol Instant Messenger is no more. AIM released a cute video of its lovable orange mascot bidding farewell. So long AIM, you have been obliterated by the smartphones, and now will only exist as a weird little memory in all of our subconsciousnesses. MSN Messengers and Yahoo Messengers have went before it, and now here we all are, using KIK and What’s App.

    The only question is, what will happen to the little orange man who was in the AIM logo? The little faceless orange creep we all witnessed when we all logged on? Will he go to jail where he belongs? Only time will tell. Tell me what you think though either in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.