Man Terrified As Glass Bridge Cracks Under Him

How would YOU react if this happened to you?
By Alex Firer
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  • Look, I really don’t blame this guy — and until you understand and see the full video, it’s hard for you to blame him either. Because, oh my goodness, the footage looks shocking. A glass bridge — i.e., a bridge with a glass bottom — is part of the sights for tourists in the East Taihang Mountains, in Handan City in China. The bridge hangs 1,180 meters above and is 266 meters length — and recently the people who’ve designed the bridge added a special effect. A fun little special effect. A fun little harrowing, vomit inducing, goosebumps creating and truly chilling special effect. The designers of the bridge made it so the darned thing looks like its BREAKING when you walk over it.

    Why!? How!? Huh!? What is the purpose of this again? Other than like — to upset us we guess. Hell, I’m more wary of everyone walking across this bridge with an absurd calmness. What are you guys hiding, you brave weirdos? I would be reacting much worse than this guy. Yeesh.

    According to the bridge’s management, workers check the glass panels daily for cracks — but do they check our mental health after we think we’re about to fall into a bridge? Yeeeesh. Ah well.

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