Russian Hackers Infiltrated Pokémon Go, Too

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  • In the nightmare election year that was 2016 (which led to the nightmare year that is 2017) — there was one island in the memories that was pure and fun and normal — Pokémon Go! That augmented reality game where you caught Pikachu behind your local 7-11, saw a neighbor trying to catch that same Pikachu, then made eye contact to go “Hey, we are friends and I love you”. Well, guess what — the same Russian forces that infiltrated Podesta’s e-mails and turned the tide of the election towards Donald Trump also infiltrated Pokémon Go to try to cause greater division in the United States. Yikes!

    Russian hackers created a fake Black Lives Matter account called “Don’t Shoot Us” — with the intent of galvanizing both sides of the issue. Is it a bad sign of our country that all the Russian hackers had to write was “Don’t Shoot Us” to make people upset? Sure. But let’s go on. This gets weirder. The “Don’t Shoot Us” Pokémon Go group inspired you to name your Pokémon after the victims of mass shootings, naming a Hypno “Eric Garner” in their example, bringing players to the places of shootings, and placing gyms there with the Pokémon. This means the Pokémon with the victim’s name would be the main thing people find when they come to the area. All very insane. No information if anyone did it, but still very insane.

    The hacks during the election go deep and I’m sure they’ll get weirder or deeper. Bleh.

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