“New Mutants” is X-Men as Horror Movie

This is a new place for superhero movies to go, for sure.
By Alex Firer
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  • Marvel losing the X-Men property to Fox has been — while not perfect for Marvel, very interesting for superhero movies. From weird experimental fare such as the Mad Men inspired X-Men: First Class, the trippy “Legion” to the rude Rated-R comedy Deadpool, which is set to take over the national pop culture conversation again when it returns with its sequel. Now comes the next odd mutant fare from 20th Century Fox — New Mutants — which looks like it’s going to be a delirious classic 70’s style horror movie.

  • Bill badlands

    Source: comicsalliance.com

  • In the comics, New Mutants started out as the concept of Professor X starting a team of mutants to rival his own more classic X-Men. However, when artist Bill Sienkiewicz came on the book, it was changed to his more horror themed chaotic style. It seems as if the New Mutants movie is taking a page out of that book. More is going to come out about this movie, but we here at What’s Trending HQ are very excited.

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