Unicorn Toy TERRIFIES Child

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  • Imagine you’re online. Just imagine it for a second. You sit there going “ho hum, another day, another slew of incredibly normal video neither I nor any other person would imaginably want to watch!” Well hold on a second buddy! Because here’s a video of a child getting incredibly upset at a terrifying unicorn toy.

  • Cool prankster mom Jessica Mags found this bizarre plush unicorn that — when you press on its sides, it creates a monster’s face. And she did what any good mom would do. She showed it to her young son Westin. Folks. Westin is very upset by the frowning unicorn. He cries and runs. A good prank for a good unicorn playing with child. Let’s check it out below.

  • Apparently in case you’re worried the child is traumatized, nah. If anything else, just like the rest of us, he LOVES the video. And he should. It’s very funny and that unicorn toy scared me too. Ahhh! Unicorn! Ahhh!

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