Bella Hadid, Pet Chickens and MORE in the Weekly WTF

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  • Well, another weekend, another WTF — of the weekly variety, or so I declare! First up — a gentleman with a pet that most would see as dinner — a chicken. A local truck driver found a chicken who fell off a truck and while most of us would cook it for dinner or get it to work making eggs, this guy made it his pet. It’s like they say — man’s best friend is a big flightless fowl.

    Then— foolish football coach Chris Forrester sent a video of himself snorting coke to a woman he was trying to hit on which then got posted online. WHOOOOPS. Don’t do drugs, and if you do drugs, for goodness sakes, have some chill, alright?

    Then — Lea Michelle — star of Glee and the new sitcom The Mayor — White House thief!? It’s true! Sort of. She stole toilet paper from Obama because it had the White House seal on it. Still! What if the president had to walk around with a poopy butt! Think about it!

    Finally — Bella Hadid pointed at some shoes and said “homeboy can get it” implying he with good shoes makes a sexual conquest true.

    That chicken though.

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