John Oliver Comes Back to Tell Us Why Our Money is Doomed

Blame Equifax, bros!
By Alex Firer
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  • Every Monday morning brings us a beautiful little pill of knowledge in the form of a new clip from the incredible “Last Week Tonight” the show where John Oliver tells us we’re all going to die and we just nod and go “ha ha, okay, if you say so buddy”. This week’s episode handled the doom and gloom that was the past week in politics, and the ultimate doom and gloom that is Equifax being hacked. You might remember Equifax from being the political hearing that was where the Monopoly Man showed up to glare at a corporation wringing people dry for all their worth and leaving their skeletons to rot, but did you know there were details to this whole thing too? It’s true!

    John Oliver covers how Equifax got hacked with people’s entire credit histories, social security numbers and others revealing information that could let — oh say — an army of security hackers take all your information. And the worst part is it seems as if Equifax can’t help but profit from this! If you pay to protect your information, the money goes to Equifax! And if you do what Oliver says you should do — freeze it (just think of a happy penguin to remind yourself, advises Oliver), then it will help, making your credit info inaccessible to anyone, including yourself until you unfreeze it, but you pay Equifax to do it.


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