What’s Going On Between RiceGum and iDubbbz?

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  • YouTubers RiceGum and iDubbbz, both known for their critical videos that call out other social media stars, are now in a feud with each other.

    You might know RiceGum from some of his popular “THESE KIDS MUST BE STOPPED” videos, where he roasts user videos on Music.ly

    Of course, sometimes his roasts can be distasteful, including homophobic comments aimed at children or use of the word “retarted”.

    Which is where iDubbbz comes in

    iDubbbz is known for his series “Content Cop” where he takes aim at other YouTubers.  Recently iDubbbz took aim at RiceGum, starting with some highly inappropriate comments RiceGum made in the past to fan who admitted to him she had been raped. RiceGum encouraged others to harras her and called the rape “not so bad”.

    iDubbbz als calls out Ricegum for some pretty obnoxious behavior, such as livestreaming people without their knowledge.

    RiceGum also loves to act like his numbers on YouTube means something to other people and iDubbbz also criticizes RiceGum for obnoxiously flaunting his wealth, which includes him sprinkling cash on the heads of homeless people.

    But iDubbbz himself is not exactly the best judge of what’s tasteful — iDubbbz has been called out himself for using racial and homosexual slurs freely in his videos. iDubbbz defends his use of these words, saying he understands the history behind them, freely defending use of the n-word, saying it should be okay to use the word in a comedic sense.

    Actually, it’s not OK to use any slurs in a comedic or editorial sense! 

    And If you think it’s OK to use any slurs in a punchline, you’re not that funny.

    For example, iDubbbz took a photo with YouTuber Tana Mongeau after she called him out for his use of slurs in his videos. He pretended to make up with her to take a photo, and says “Say n*****!” when they snap the photo.

    Freely using slurs and hateful language doesn’t make you shocking, provocative, interesting or even correct. It makes you look like you’re as stupid as the people you criticize.

    It’s only funny if you aren’t expecting it. If we are expecting you to use slurs, that means you’re an asshole.

    If you want to set the standard, Content Cop, you have to hold yourself that same high standard.

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