Which Disney Character is Cardi B looking like?

It's an incredible choice in any case...
By Alex Firer
  • Musicians taking their cues from characters in pop culture is nothing new. From Elvis taking inspiration for his iconic caped outfit from superhero Captain Marvel Jr, to DeadMau5 doing his bananas take on Mickey Mouse — to the sometimes pretty gross anger of Disney lawyers. Well, Cardi B IS something new — but could she also be taking a page from one of the great figures of Disneydom? Could Cardi B be dressed as— Incredibles super star Edna Mode!?

    Hmm. Could be…

  • Wait— Cardi B admitted to it! What could it mean!? Is she looking like Edna Mode from the Incredibles!? Is she purposefully dressing like her!? Is she THE LITERAL CHARACTER escaped from the Incredibles universe and aged downwards! Who knows! Such mysteries are not for us mortal fans! We are simply to gaze, jaws agape, and wondering when the first pop artist will come in who is dressed like Remy the Rat. That’d be cool. Give us that good Remy the Rat cosplay, pop stars!

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