Man Somehow Wins Jeopardy With Only $1

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  • Hubris. It owns us all, does it not? From the ant trying to lift exactly the amount he won during a game of Jeopardy, to the mighty lion betting it all on a question he doesn’t know the answer to during a game of Jeopardy. And folks, somehow Jeopardy gave us a perfect weird victory based around hubris just last night. There were three contestants and their cash amounts were as follows — $1,000, $12,300 and another $12,300. Seems like an obvious bet for at least who will lose — or is it? Watch the clip below gentle warrior, where Alex Trebek asks the answer (it’s Jeopardy!) of “It’s the country that borders both the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf.”

  • Folks, they all screwed up. Why did they all bet so much money when they knew they didn’t know the right answer? Also, Tibet? Come on, lady! The answer was “What is Iran?” Oh well. At least some guy won with just a dollar! Hey, he’ll be back tomorrow! And he’ll be there for more improbable wins I am sure.

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