A Catfishing Story With A Fairy Tale Twist Ending?

A woman was catfished by an older man using a model’s photos and what happened next will SHOCK YOU!!!
By Alex Firer

  • A woman was catfished by an older man using a model’s photos and what happened next will SHOCK YOU!!!

    33 year old Emma Perrier joined a dating app called Zoosk after a bad break up in 2015. She received a private message from a 34 year old Italian man named Ronnie Scicluna, but would have to pay the $35 subscription fee to see what it said.

    Her and her twin sister marveled at his stunning good looks and she decided she had to see what he said.

    The message revealed to say QUOTE, “You look beautiful.”

    Now you guys know where this is headed because I already told you homegirl got catfished, but we’re gonna go through some of the messages they sent back and forth before she realized that.

    “You could easily have picked someone else,” Ronnie proclaimed.

    “No. You’re the only one I wanted to talk to … I paid because of you,” Emma poetically replied.

    “As soon as I saw your picture I wanted you.” Ronnie declared.

    “Makes me happy to know that” Emma concluded.

    Well Emma he wanted you because he was really 53 year old divorcee Alan Stanley. He admitted to using photos of a male model that he found on Google and said QUOTE, “I’m always nervous about posting personal images of myself. I just don’t like pictures of me. It goes back a long way, to be honest.”

    Back to Emma, who had constantly asked that the two meet in person. After all he was a doable distance of 100 miles away. And she was willing to do all the travel herself on whatever schedule he wanted.

    They had even professed their love for each other. Not to say mistake, but like mistake. Four months later and she’s told everyone in her life about Ronnie. But Ronnie seemed to think his lies weren’t too bad.

    He said QUOTE, “Everything I told her about me, apart from who I was, and the age, was true.”

    Oh, yeah totally. Everything was true. Except who you are. Everything. Besides like…. who you are as a person entirely. Got it.

    By spring it had been 6 months and friends and family had started to grow concerned. She downloaded a reverse image app and said QUOTE, “Believe me I was scared to use it for the first time,”

    What she found was Turkish model/actor Adem Guzel. Along with an official Twitter account she found his model management website and his Facebook page. Uh oh.

    Emma immediately hit up Ronnie and asked about Adem but he straight up said that those were his modellng pictures and he used another name for that side of his life. Lol. Okay.

    But bruh it kept going. In August after a year of chatting he accidentally sent her a message from his personal email address. And now Emma is lookin’ up Alan Stanley thinking “wtf this dude has so many names”

    She typed his email address into google and boooooom. Alan’s personal pages with his real photos. She talked with him through his explanations and apologies to try and figure out why he did what he did. At one point she even wanted to meet with him, but was worried he could be dangerous so she decided against it for the time being.

    -OMG finally we’re at the good part thank you for sticking with me.

    -In September 2016 She went back to Adem’s facebook and sent him a message so he would know what was going on, saying “Hello Adem, we don’t know each other but a year ago I met a guy online and that man is using your picture and pretends he is you under another name. I wasn’t sure if getting in touch with you was a good idea but I needed you to know, kind regards, Emma.”

    They wrote to each other for a bit before Adem suggested a video call to get the full scoop. There’s a normal person for ya. Ready to video call right off the bat. They texted back and forth for a while before Adem moved to a small town where cell reception was rough.

    And then in November Alan Stanley and Emma finally met in person. While Alan considered the night a date, Emma considered it closure.

    But they did meet several more times. They had an interesting relationship with Emma unable to let go of the connection they built and Alan wanting to pursue her romantically.However they had reached a point of contention when her focus seemed to be on finding Adem again.

    And she did. In January 2017 the communication between Adem and Emma reignited. In April he came to meet her in London and the spark was undeniable. Adem said he wasn’t religious, but it felt like fate. They’ve been together ever since.

    “My catfish became cupid. And now we’re living happily ever after.” Emma said.

    Anyway back to Emma again. After their story was published, one of Alan Stanley’s victims reached out to Emma and said she had been in a relationship with Ronnie for “years.”

    Even Alan is pleased with the couple. He said QUOTE, “I think it’s brilliant Emma and Adem have met. It’s almost like fate.”

    With all this talk of fate I gotta know, do you think this was fate? Have you ever been catfished? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.