Protester Throws Russian Flags at Trump, Shouts “Trump is Treason”

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  • Ever since Donald Trump was elected president in a night that many would describe as “ugh”, he has been dogged with rumors of his aid from the Russian government in the election — rumors that have become more and more founded. Recent discoveries included Donald Trump Jr meeting with Russian leaders, the Russian government selling pro Trump ads to Facebook and even Poke’mon Go, so the sight of this bold protester throwing Russian flags at Trump and shouting “Trump is treason” is certainly in keeping with the current events.

    As you can see from the footage, the flags fly at Trump and Trump ignores them and gives a lazy thumbs up, which is certainly on brand for the guy who’s ignored every single damning accusation that came at him. Wait… not EVERY damning accusation. He said all those sold Facebook ads were better than the mainstream news so… what a journey.

    The protester identified himself as Ryan Clayton from Americans Take Action and hopefully his act of protest doesn’t allow us to forget that the president may have colluded with the Russian government to win this election.

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