This Dad’s Guardians of the Galaxy Costume is INSANE!

By Alex Firer
He is... Groot!?
  • Tis the Halloweening season, and with the Halloweening season you know what we get? Oodles and oodles of posts of extremely great costumes. And we’re talking EXTREMELY great costumes! Just check out this dad and daughter’s Marvel Guardians of the Galaxy‘s Groot and Rocket Raccoon costume! Adorable! And… really cool.

    In an adorable video posted to Facebook, we see Tim Burkett, the costume’s creator, walking around with his daughter dressed up as an adorable Rocket Raccoon, and him as a massive towering Groot. On his Facebook page he posted a photo of himself designing the Groot head with the caption “this took over 300 hours”. My man, it is 300 hours very well spent. Look at that thing! He could give the Groot in the movie a run for his money.

    Although I will not be truly fully impressed unless next year he dresses as a cute little Baby Groot. Squeezing himself into that tiny costume. Here’s a video of his process.

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