Duo Makes Unbelievable Stop Motion Animation Using PUMPKINS

This took them years because the pumpkins would rot so quickly!
By Alex Firer
  • Just when you think you’ve seen every kind of insane nerdery the internet has to offer, we get this — an incredible stop motion animation made out of Jack-o-Lanterns. And just in time for Halloween, to boot! The clip is incredible — a beautiful series of trippy animations that would not be out of place at a light show at a dance club, set to an appropriate tune that ends with the pumpkins curving inside and out. And the way the duo made this animation is RIDICULOUS — carving and buying pumpkin after pumpkin over the course of a few years. The filmmakers, Sean Ohlenkamp and Rob Popkin, explain their process underneath the YouTube video.

    “Dozens upon dozens upon dozens of pumpkins were cut, gutted, rotated, scraped, poked, slapped, and banged to make this stop-motion animation and the music that bring it to life. It took a few years – pumpkins rot, schedules get busy – but we loved discovering the methods that worked and the many that didn’t.

    …There were many animations that didn’t make it into the final piece which seemed like good ideas at the time but ended up being too complicated and did not work (a carved heart that emerged and beat with the pulsing of the light, a complex halloween themed pumpkin zoetrope, and an animation of a tree that grows as the pumpkins sizes do among others).

    We hope this inspires others and can’t wait to see what you create!”

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