Ridiculous Court Trial Between Eminem and New Zealand National Party Comes to An End

Lose yourself? More like lose this case!
By Alex Firer
  • First brought to our collective attention by John Oliver, Eminem sued the hard right National Party in New Zealand for using a slight alteration of his Academy Award winning song “Lose Yourself” in a political campaign ad. Eminem recently released an incredible freestyle about Donald Trump which you can listen to here.

    The New Zealand National Party stole Eminem’s song which you can listen to in the campaign ad in question below —

  • And here’s the reason this case made headlines, as this deliciously awkward footage of a court listening awkwardly to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself” without nary a reaction, followed by them listening to a song of essentially the same beat moments later. We love this video. Pure understated comedy of people not sure how to react to Eminem’s “Lose Yourself”.

  • Well, we have good news for those who want to support a great rapper over a crappy conservative political party — Eminem won his suit! Huzzah! His publishing company will be receiving $415,000 plus interest for the comically similar ad, and hopefully everyone in that jury went home with a greater appreciation for rap music.

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