Alt-Right Blogger Stabs Father During Argument

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  • Lane Davis, a frequent poster on alt right message boards and a writer for hard hard right blogs including “The Ralph Retort”, a website even more to the right than Briebart, has been arrested for the murder of his father. His family described the man as being one prone to near constant outbursts and when his father asked his 33 year old son to move out of the house, Davis proceeded to shout at his father, telling him the country was “being taken over pedophiles”. His father called him a nazi and a racist and after his mom called 911, Lane took a knife and stabbed his father to death. Lane Davis went outside with his hands over his head and proceeded to wait for the police to show up.

    The hard right organizations that Davis has worked for — including Milo Yiannopoulos’ own — have distanced themselves from Davis, and The Ralph Retort, whose founder is currently sitting in prison for assaulting a police officer — has scrubbed his articles from their website. But it stands to note how Lane Davis’ violent attitude and crime — before which he accused his parents of being leftists — was influenced by the constant conspiracy theories from the website (in fact, in his statement, Davis said the argument was spurred by wether or not toddlers can give consent, which seems to tie into the hard right conspiracy theory that any opponent of the hard right is a pedophile). An article in The Daily Beast discusses the effect that such conspiracy theories can have on people — including the gentleman who came close to shooting up a Washington DC pizza parlor over the Pizzagate conspiracy theories, which are completely fabricated.

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