Rick and Morty Shill for Old Spice in New Clip

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  • Sure, we all want Rick and Morty. The world wants more and Rick and Morty. You’ve seen the Schezhuan Sauce swilling masses line up outside of McDonald’s and demand just a taste of this magical sauce to remind them of a TV show they all adore. So any new Rick and Morty footage is more than welcome even if it’s them… shilling for Old Spice. It’s still super funny!

    The ad follows in the footsteps of the beloved Carl’s Jr. ad Rick and Morty did some time ago, with Rick Sanchez, beloved narcisstic mad scientist — going into Morty’s room, waking him up with a megaphone, and spraying him down with Old Spice as he goes and counts all of his beautiful, beautiful advertising money.

    Anywho, good to have a little more footage with these characters.

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