Internet Marvels at Official Picture of Super Mario’s Dick

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  • Super Mario Odyssey is coming out tomorrow, and a fever for all things Mario has overtaken the internet. There is much of Mario’s mythos to be explored. Are the Goombas in fact Toads turned evil by Bowser? How is Wario related to Mario anyway? One question we didn’t need the answer to however is what does Mario’s dick look like. Well, guess what internet. Here is Mario’s dick, my friends. Here is Mario’s dick.

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  • Some context — Japan in the 90’s released a series of Mario mangas based around every specific video game. In the one for Super Mario Land, the manga based on the Game Boy debut Mario made where he fights an alien and introduces Princess Daisy. In the game, if the images are to be believed, a fish bites Mario on the butt and Mario jumps out of his pants and according to Kotaku this causes a Princess Daisy hiding inside a costume to slap Mario and call him a pervert, sending him to a coin level.

    All part of the classic Joseph Campbell’s “Hero’s Journey”. Man, why does the internet think so much about Mario’s nude body.

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