Kelly Anne Conway Sees Rat Scurrying By White House In Live Action Political Cartoon

Boy. The Trump White House's lawn is even heavy handed.
By Alex Firer
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  • Man, you know you’re lying too much when in the middle of one of your lies you see a rat scurry by. Or, in fairness to Kelly Anne Conway, Trump’s advisor who was in the middle of trying to weasel out of the new discoveries that the Trump camp has asked Wikileaks to investigate Hillary’s e-mails, it might have been a squirrel. “Hi squirrel”, says Kelly-Anne Conway who seemed very sure it was a rat just a few moments ago. But come on, we’re going to take the word from someone who would not stop pretending the president’s crowd size was bigger than Obama’s?! At best that was a very fuzzy rat. Come on!

    In any case, man. What a heavy handed metaphor. A rat scurrying outside the Trump White House!? What is this, the last few moments of The Departed? Come on…

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