Plaque Placed Where Donald Trump Bragged About Sexual Assault

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  • Those who were hoping to— you know — not see Donald Trump elected president of the United States were relieved — and troubled by what was on it — when a video of Donald Trump bragging about sexually assaulting women to Billy Bush on a tape for Access Hollywood. It was a stunning moment — in an era when sexual harassers were starting to be properly outed, Donald Trump was heard not only bragging about sexually assaulting another human being, but BRAGGING about it. It was disgusting, and everyone predicted Trump would lose the election. Unfortunately, massive sex crimes are not enough to stop the electoral college and questionable Russian interference, and Trump went his way to the White House.

    But why not memorialize what a disgusting creep the president is? After all, now that he’s president, shouldn’t we celebrate his accomplishments? Well, Seth Gottlieb and his producers have placed a plaque to commemorate the event.

  • It took just fifteen minutes for someone to remove the plaque, but folks, what are you ashamed of?! If we remove these things what if we forget our HISTORY!? Like the confederate statues, ha ha, what a thing!

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