Jerky Sports Fan Throws Back Other Team’s Fowl Ball

Go Astros!
By Alex Firer
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  • In an event that seemed to echo both weird sexism and insane insane insane sports fandom, an Astros Fan grabbed a foul baseball hit by the LA Dodgers, and the dude next to her grabbed it and threw it back with naught but rage on his face. Cool.

    Chron — a local Houston news website gave us the backstory on this video, revealing that the man’s name was Kirk Head and the woman’s name was Sarah Head, and they had a sense of humor about the incident. What’s more, Sarah’s frustration is apparently that she didn’t throw the fowl ball back herself, as apparently it is a tradition of Minute Maid Park where the game took place. Sarah later said “I just would have liked to have been able to throw it back myself,” Sarah said, with Kirk later adding “It’s bad karma to keep it. You’ve got to throw it back. I was just making sure she did.” Come on Kirk. Don’t be a jerk, Kirk. Let the lady throw back the ball, Kirk!

    Whatever, I’m from Boston. Go Sox!!!!

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