Little Girl’s Dresses Up As Death Note Demon, Was No-Face Last Year

One little girl, many creepy looks!
By Alex Firer
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  • Do you remember last year there was a meme going around of a little girl dressed as Spirited Away’s No-Face, the terrifying Miyazalki created creature who devours everything around you in a desperate attempt to be liked. Well, that little girl is back, with another terrifying costume from the annals of Japanese pop culture-dom — she went dressed as the Shimigami, Ryuk. Now, descriptions of anime can be thick as molasses sometimes, but this one, I promise, is simple! Ryuk is a death demon who mocks the protagonist of Death Note as he gives him the notebook wherein when a name is written a person dies. A terrifying and grim figure to say the least, and keeping completely on theme for the girl whose No-Face costume made someone CRY last year.

  • Even more fun? Her little sister dressed up as L — the detective who was on the hunt for the owner of the Death Note! Check out the comparison!

  • Awww! Spooky spooky awww!

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