Oh No! Wendy Williams Fainted Live on Air!

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  • We here all love Wendy Williams and hope she is okay, after she fainted on the set of her show live on the air. You can watch the worrying video of it above. Wendy Williams was dressed as the Statue of Liberty for Halloween when it happened. When we came back from commercial, Wendy Williams explained that the costume was overheated causing her to pass out. The viewers were terrified, and you could see people on set running towards her to help her.

    We, for one, are glad Wendy Williams is okay, because Wendy Williams getting extremely sick is the only thing that could scare us on Halloween. That and the never ending undeniable march of time. Which we are very glad did not hurt Wendy Williams today. Just the Statue of Liberty costume.

    What do you think of Wendy Williams fainting? Were you watching when it happened? Did you freak out? I would. Let us know in the comments or on Twitter at @WhatsTrending.

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