What’s the Story Behind Millie Bobby Brown? Everything You Need To Know

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  • Millie Bobby Brown is the big breakout performer of Netflix’s “Stranger Things,” and her career keeps climbing to new heights. But how much do we know about this rising star?

    Millie Bobby Brown is just a teenager, but has already had huge success as an actor. Brown has never trained professionally as an actor or taken a class. according to Variety, “She simply decided at age 8 she wanted to be on-screen, and her parents obliged, moving her and her siblings from Bournemouth in England to Orlando, Fla., to allow her to pursue her dream.”

    For a few years, she found small acting roles here and there. Millie guest starred on episodes of “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland,” “NCIS,” and “Grey’s Anatomy.”

    Millie almost got her big break playing another super-powered child in “Logan”, but she was turned down, and the role went to actor Dafne Keen.

    But everything changed for Millie Bobby Brown after she was cast as Eleven in Stranger Things. Eleven is mysterious child raised in a government laboratory to become a psychic weapon. Series creators Matt Duffer and Ross Duffer, knew they found their Eleven when auditioned.

    Millie created Eleven’s iconic, intimidated stare-down in her audition.  “I’ve never forgotten it, because it was so intuitive,” says executive producer Shawn Levy. “That this little person had such fierce power — that’s what took me aback. That same day the Duffers and I knew she was the one.”

    Off-screen, Millie Bobby Brown has charmed everybody with her incredible talent, including celebrities like Aaron Paul. She’s also charmed her co-star David K. Harbour, who has gushed about Millie Bobby Brown’s talent. He told Variety, “I do feel that when I’m in the nursing home, I would like to be able to watch movies with her in her 30s and have her become Meryl Streep. She has the potential for that to happen.”

    Millie’s talents have catapulted her career forward.

    Millie has started showing off her acting skills in new ways, appearing in the music video for Sigma’s “Find Me,” and Converse hired Millie as the face of a whole new campaign for back to school.

    In 2019, Millie will star alongside Bradley Whitford, Charles Dance, and Thomas Middleditch in Godzilla: King of Monsters.

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